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2022 Major League Baseball Predictions:

Ah, opening day. Where all 30 teams and their fans have hope that this year is the year. Well, at least some of them. Here are my predictions for the upcoming season.

American League East: Toronto, New York, Tampa Bay, Boston, Baltimore

American League Central: Chicago, Minnesota, Detroit, Kansas City, Cleveland

American League West: Houston, Seattle, LA Angels, Texas, Oakland

AL Wild Cards: New York, Tampa Bay, Seattle

American League Championship Series: Houston over Toronto 4-2

National League East: Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Washington

National League Central: Milwaukee, St. Louis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati

National League West: LA Dodgers, San Diego, San Francisco, Arizona, Colorado

NL Wild Cards: New York, San Diego, San Francisco

National League Championship Series: LA Dodgers over Milwaukee 4-2

World Series: LA Dodgers over Houston 4-2

The Los Angeles Dodgers get their revenge over the Houston Astros and win their second World Series in three seasons.


Author: Whipped Owl

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