Hiking: Will It Build Your Leg Muscles?

Really Good Hiking

Many people will ask themselves, will hiking build leg muscle? This blog post will answer this question. Hiking does condition your lower body and will strengthen your legs, but let’s make sure hiking can do everything you are looking to accomplish.

First of all, hiking is a great form of cardio exercise. Cardio is a vital part of any workout routine to lose weight. Cardio will burn calories and will help you get fit, even if the cardio exercise is low impact such as hiking. How many calories will hiking burn? 30 minutes of hiking on average burns about 300-400 calories for a 150 pound person (source).

Not only is hiking amazing cardio, it is great for building leg muscles. Hiking builds your muscles through endurance. This is great for maintaining muscle mass and increasing longevity!

However, hiking will not necessarily help you build a ton of mass in…

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Author: Whipped Owl

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