Splügen – Hot Tip for Skiing and Hiking

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The characteristic village of Splügen, with small palazzi and traditional „Walserhäuser“ is 1,457 meters above sea level, nestled in the Graubünden mountains, at the foot of the Splügen and San Bernardino passes. Splügen is on a connecting route in the Alps between northern Europe and Italy in the south. Both passes were already regularly used in Roman times. Trade goods were transported on pack animals and the village Splügen was an important trading center at that time. It experienced an economic climax with the completion of a commercial road („Kommerzialstrasse“) over the Splügen Pass in 1823, which, however ended abruptly with the commissioning of the Gotthard Railway in 1882. The most striking building in the village is the Hotel Bodenhaus, that was built in 1772. Over the centuries, the hotel has hosted many famous guests such as William Turner, Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Einstein and Prince Louis Napoleon Bonaparte. Today Splügen…

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