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The Godfather 50 Years

Reely Bernie

I wonder what the iconic American drama was before The Godfather. What was that groundbreaking hit that provoked average moviegoers to revisit it multiple times, quote it constantly, and then teach their grandchildren to do the same?

I believe my grandma would say Casablanca. Typical published movie critics would point to Citizen Kane, and optimists might cheer for It’s a Wonderful Life.

Maybe it’s the darker mafioso component that puts The Godfather on top of the universal list. There is an allure there. Somehow, even a steady moral compass can get swept up by an Italian crime family’s appeal. The Italian is in the delicious food they cook and rich respect obtained by their culture between Sicily and New York City. The family bond is upheld in the highest regard (“We don’t discuss business at the table.”) But, that crime part settles underneath in hushed conversation…

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