Maura Murray

The Mystery of the Unsolved Murders

Maura Murray went missing 18 years ago, February 9, 2004. Maura was 21 years old, a nursing student at the University of Massachusetts. But before that, in high school she was in advanced classes, tutored, top of her class, a multisport standout, and starting varsity as a freshman. Maura was known for how kind she was, her sister Julie said she was even kind when people were mean. When she finished high school she decided to go to West Point with her sister, Julie. West Point is a United States Military Academy. She didn’t fit in, Julie had caught her crying once, she even stole stuff while attending this school. That was majorly out of character for her. So when Maura finished and could either go on to become an officer or be discharged, she was discharged. She then began nursing school at the University of Massachusetts.

Maura Murray


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