Movie Review: Uncharted

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More decades ago than I am starting to want to claim, I watched the film “Quiz Show,” in the theater with my family, all of whom were impressed by three things: 1) The brilliance of John Turturro’s performance, 2) The brilliance of Ralph Fiennes’ performance, and the atrocity that was Rob Morrow’s “Boston” accent, which slightly detracted from 1) and 2). “That’s not a Boston accent,” we protested silently, all who had personally pahked the cahr in the Bahston harbor before we wahked to the wharf for lobstahs, alongside others in a suburb less than an hour from Boston. Which is to say, that most of us all experience the indignity of having our native accent butchered onscreen, however, whenever Boston area native Mark Wahlberg appears, that’s one time, we don’t have to worry. In “Uncharted,” he appears alongside Tom Holland, as the pair of treasure…

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