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A poster featuring Liam Neeson holding a gun. The tagline reads, "They're gonna need more men".

Blacklight is a typical action movie, but it may prove Liam Neeson may not have it anymore!!!

Real Rating:

3 Conspiracies

What I Like:

-Acting was good at least

The So So:

-The story had potential, but it started to fall into the action movies, and political conspiracies cliches
-Let alone that some scenes made me laugh unintentionally because of how ridiculous it looks, but there are some action moments that will satisfy the action junkie

What I Didn’t Like:

-The fight scenes really showed Liam Neeson may not have it anymore as an action star, it really looked that bad
-The final shootout scenes were too dark for me to follow, and I hate it when movies do that


In the end it is a typical action movie with the political conspiracies cliches. What I saw more is that Liam Neeson as an action star may be dwindling…

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