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Winter Camping- why glamping is actually sort of cool

As a fan of the outdoors, I found this to be an interesting read…..

The Footslog Blog: My Journal Dedicated to Type Two Fun

Have I mentioned that one of my lifelong goals is to be living in a yurt?

Yep. The really unique tents that I associate with medieval warfare look like a a dream home to me.

Because I currently live in a “couched” situation, I find even my backpacking tent to be a desirable home, but for one that’s illegal (I think) and two, well, I think I might get a little cold in the winter. Now that being said, I have found myself mocking “glampers,” sarcastically addressing the concept with a little bit of a pompous air about me- because I believed that there was no point to it and thought there was no way to enjoy nature in this fashion because the “closeness” was somehow missing.

However, as I get older I find that most of my preconceived notions about things I’ve never done tend to unfurl before my…

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Author: Whipped Owl

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One thought on “Winter Camping- why glamping is actually sort of cool”

  1. IDK Don’t get me wrong i been hiking in a winter storm it’s a beast and camp cold wind chill gets me so make sure you camp in a valley or something to block out winter wind chill frostbite no fun thank god i have all me toes that’s another story but cool post roughing you up like a wood’s man man

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