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When I’m President 2-17-2022

I don’t plan on running for president anytime soon.  However, if I did, and was elected, things would be a whole lot different around here.  This post is not meant to get into anything political AT ALL, rather, it’s a way for me to blow off a little steam regarding a bunch of things people say WAY TOO MUCH that drive me crazy.  As there are approximately eight gazillion things that bother me, I will share a partial list, say, every Thursday.

So, without further ado, here is my list of catch words, sayings, and phrases that will be OUTLAWED or simply GONE, should I ever become president.  A word of caution, you most likely use one or many of these………

Brah or br

Has it come to this?  It’s bad enough we are calling people who are not blood relatives, “brother,” however, getting past that, we had to shorten it (true to lazy American form) to, “bro.”  For some reason, that got switched to brah, and then, of course, shortened to just the “B-R” sound.  Idiotic.

For realz?

Yes, REALLY.  This is stupid.

True that or true dat

When you agree with something, you are not supposed to say, “That’s true.”  Rather, another dumb twisting of words.  I get especially nauseous when they change “that” to dat.

In the feels

When something is extra sensitive or makes one emotional, they may say that it hits them in the feels.  Why is it not “in the feelz?”

A little ditty

Musicians are guilty of this one, introducing a song as a little ditty.  Proudly, as a musician, I can say that I have NEVER said this.

Not my first rodeo

When one goes through an experience they have been through before, they may say that it isn’t their first rodeo.  Why rodeo?  How come nobody ever says, “This isn’t my first ox cart pull.”

Author: Whipped Owl

Writer Musician Historian Sportsman Loner

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