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I Made Vodka Sauce from Grossy Pelosi

Claire Aucella

If you’re like me and follow many popular food accounts on Instagram, you may have come across Dan Pelosi (aka, Grossy Pelosi) as a very fun account to follow. I’ve become a fan of Grossy throughout the pandemic, and I enjoy following along his adventures and ogling at the recipes that he shares on his account. One of his recipes that I’ve been totally eyeing for a while is his famous vodka sauce (affectionately referred to as “The Sawce”), and I finally set myself up to make some this past weekend.

You guys, this stuff really lived up to the hype. The Sawce really delivered. Super savory, creamy dreamy, tomatoey and garlicky, and so, so delicious. I would seriously put this stuff on everything if I could (like, instead of fondue, do a vodka sauce dipping platter). I made a big batch of pasta and added some…

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