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Will I Ever Get in the Woods Again?

I need it.  Badly.  The state of the world requires it.  I need to get away. Quickly.  Away from others.  I need my sanity back.  I need to get back into the woods.

I spend all week dealing with people in an ever-changing and extremely fast paced environment.  And that is before the pandemic.  Expectations, deadlines, crazy behavior from others dominates my week.  Technology is wonderful but it only enhances the expectations.  Everywhere I turn, someone expects something of me.  And the cold, honest truth is I can only provide a fraction of what they want.

So, the week is shot, leaving the weekend as my time to regroup and refuel.  The woods provide that respite for me.  Only I can’t get out there!  The past four weekends have bit us with either a blizzard or temperatures in the single digits.  I’m sorry, but as much as I love the trees, I do not wish to freeze up like one!

I miss the solitude that only the forest can give me.  I miss the fluffy snow that masks my footfalls.  I miss the squirrels chattering as I approach their space.  Give me the white deer tails, bounding away as I get closer.  Let me hear the songbirds.  Give me the ability to collect my thoughts.  Perhaps I can even come up with a solution to a problem that plagues me during the week, as long as I can form a single thought without interruption.    

It’s the woods where I come to my senses.  It’s where I understand that the noisiness of the week will pass, and everything will work out.  The woods give me back my confidence, my mojo, at least until about 8:15 Monday morning.   

Author: Whipped Owl

Writer Musician Historian Sportsman Loner

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