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Recently missing: Hunter Lewis 

The missing 43

What were your childhood passions? Hunter Lewis had many passions. He loved to surf, rockclimb and play guitar. He had already gotten his pilot and scuba diving licenses. He also loved treasure hunts. He was a student, who was studying areospace engineering, hoping one day that he would get to work for NASA.

For the past two years he had been working on putting together his own treasure hunt for his friends and family to participate in, his father said. He wanted it to be “epic.” He even set up an Instagram account for this search and a fictional backstory for the event: that an old relative had left behind a treasure.

“’He started [the hunt] by sending us a letter saying that we have this family inheritance that we don’t know about, that we have a lost family treasure along this coastline,’ Corey Lewis said. ‘He was…

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