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When I’m President 1-13-2022

I don’t plan on running for president anytime soon.  However, if I did, and was elected, things would be a whole lot different around here.  This post is not meant to get into anything political AT ALL, rather, it’s a way for me to blow off a little steam regarding a bunch of things people say WAY TOO MUCH that drive me crazy.  As there are approximately eight gazillion things that bother me, I will share a partial list, say, every Thursday.

So, without further ado, here is my list of catch words, sayings, and phrases that will be OUTLAWED or simply GONE, should I ever become president.  A word of caution, you most likely use one or many of these………

Dressed to the nines

I will not even entertain this one.

Woot woot

A lot of folks use this one on social media when they are happy.  I have an entirely separate rant about social media, but that will be for another time.  Take it from me.  This one is stupid.


Let me correct you.  Sit-U-ation. 


Used to shorten the word, “suburbs.”  Which is not all that necessary.  Suburbs is a rather easy word to say.  Now, if you wanted to shorten the word, “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” I’d entertain it.  Not suburbs.

My neck of the woods

The woods I live there have no neck.  They have trees, leaves, stumps, shrubs, and animals.  No neck or really any body parts.  If there were body parts out there, I would have found them already.  Unless I’m the one that buried them. 


Followers are criticized as sheep, which really makes me think of something.  What are we supposed to call actual sheep that are following?  Sheep?  That’s what they are.  How is that sarcastic?

Outside the box

This is used a lot in business.  Let’s think outside the box.  How big is this supposed box that every organization in the world gets saddled inside?  You would think that ONE company has someone who can think outside this box without being told to.

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