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Relentless (1989)

Movie Reviews by a Mook

Cop movies can be a mixed bag. While the Hays Code forced us to always show law enforcement as the good guys, we immediately rebelled the instant we could. The 1960s and ’70s were rife with both good and bad police, sometimes in the same person, with the likes of films such as Dirty Harry, Bullitt, Serpico, The French Connection, and Dog Day Afternoon showcasing the many sides of the law enforcement profession. And as time goes on, we eventually see the washouts in Taxi Driver or the should-be washouts of the Police Academy series.

Enter William Lustig. Lustig has a great career of directing and producing horror and exploitative action films, but if there is one thing that seems to fascinate him the most, it’s cops: their failures and failings, their jaded sensibilities, their anger and frustrations. Corruption, abuse, sadism, weakness, Lustig’s films explore the…

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Author: Whipped Owl

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