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French fries

French fries are the world’s most consumed food . They have a complicated origin for no one really knows who invented them.French fries are loaded with nutritional benefits; vitamin b6, vitamin C , Magnesium and Iron.

French fries can be made in many different styles . They can be made in waffle,steak, sweet potato, cottage,thick cut,smiley face and many other styles.

Things you don’t know about french fries

1. French fries are deep fried twice to make them more crispy .

2.Thick fries has less fat making them more healthy.

3 Charles Dickens was the first author to describe french fries in his book .

4.Belgium has an entire museum dedicated to fries .The museum is called Frietmuseum.

Different countries have different name for fries . In America for example ,they are called french fries while in France they are called frites.

Today I wanna share with you…

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