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8 x 10 Watercolor Fall Foliage Painting

Natalie C Smith Art

Had to pull out the watercolors today! Been far too long. I’ve been having so much fun working with the mixed media ideas that I haven’t actually painted for awhile.

Did this 8 x 10 quick and loose fall foliage painting. Tried a piece of Grumbacher 140 lb paper. I believe this was the first time I actually tried using it for a straight watercolor painting. It has a rough surface but different rough from like an Arches paper. It did hold up to a very wet wash and I hadn’t stretched it prior to working.

I felt like I really just relaxed and had fun with the paint instead of trying to produce a perfect finished painting. Turns out I am really happy with the outcome of this one!

Until next time…….Happy fall to all

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