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PB & B Bites

Shucks, I missed Chocolate Covered Anything Day!

Lindsay's Cooking Adventures

Tomorrow (December 16) is Chocolate Covered Anything Day. I’m celebrating with a super simple and healthy snack!

These are cute little peanut butter and banana sandwiches that are dipped in chocolate. You can dip the whole thing in chocolate but I liked the look of having it half/half.

I don’t even know if I can call this a recipe because it is so simple to make. It’s just a couple slices of banana with some peanut butter in between then dipped in melted chocolate. I used semi-sweet chocolate but you could use milk chocolate instead. I also added a little coconut oil to the chocolate to give it extra shine and crunch when you bite into it.

Biting into one of these is such a good experience. You should definitely let it sit out for a few minutes before digging in because the banana will be very frozen. But once…

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