Episode 175 – Comet Leonard and Other Objects to Observe in the December 2021 Show Notes

I’ve been getting into astronomy a little bit lately. Here is some good info.

The Actual Astronomy Podcast

Welcome to Episode 175 of the Actual Astronomy Podcast we are calling this one Comet Leonard and other Objects to Observe in the December 2021 Night Sky.

  • Comet Leonard is the big news for the month Erik wrote us with a link to an image someone took on Nov. 24th of Comet Leonard & NGC’s 4631- Whale & 4656
  • So we didn’t really have too much on the comet in this episode because comets are notoriously difficult to predict and this one is not all that bright.
  • How can this faint mag. 9 comet brighten to naked eye visibility?
  • In a Sky at Night web article they briefly mentioned that the comet will appear to brighter due to something called “forward scarring”.
  • Forward scattering can make a back-lit comet look much brighter when the dust and ice crystals reflect sunlight and enhance the apparent brightness by scattering light towards the…

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