A Very Fatal Murder: An Abundance of ‘Very’

Consuming True Crime

By Hayden Gnat and Isabelle Odeh

The true crime genre proudly represents true tales of crime that give a glimpse into real stories, however The Onion’s “A Very Fatal Murder” is all about comedy and satire and less about the truth. In the course of seven episodes, totaling roughly an hour and fifteen minutes, The Onion plays on the genre’s expectations and stereotypes in a fake murder case to provide commentary on the effect true crime has had on us as viewers. Through these episodes, we see a parody of a young girl’s brutal murder through an abundance of jokes and ad placements, allowing for a viewer to draw parallels between the real and the fake. The host, David Pascall, takes the stereotypical true crime genre and turns it into a big joke as he describes ways in which to create the perfect murder.

What creates the perfect murder you…

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