Featured Album – To Our Children’s Children’s Children – Moody Blues

Simply a wonderful band

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It came to my attention recently that drummer Graeme Edge of the Moody Blues passed away on 11 November 2021. In tribute to him, I am reposting this piece which I first featured in 2017 before a lot of you were following my blog. Graeme wrote one my favorite tunes on this album, the opener “Higher and Higher.” I’ll give this album a spin today and I think you will dig it too.

Proto-prog is the first wave of British progressive rock musicians who branched from psychedelia … that slightly predates the full-fledged prog era. Progressive rock evolved from … a strainofclassical/symphonic rock led by the Nice (Keith Emerson’s band – ME), Procol Harum, and the Moody Blues. Proto-prog musicians harnessed modern classical and other genres usually outside of traditional rock influences, longer and more complicated compositions, interconnected songs as medley, and studio composition.


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