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Concert Review: Rush – Roll the Bones Tour Dec. 9, 1991

One of my favorite bands of all time! Great review of an old show!

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If there was ever a question about the role of Rush in my life, 30 years ago today removed all doubts.

Just a few days earlier I withdrew from college.

But Rush book-ended this abysmal time of my life first with the release of Roll the Bones on Sept. 3, the day I left for that college, only to end with a bit of everyday glory at the Providence Civic Center in Providence, RI the night before I returned home for good when I saw Rush on the Roll the Bones tour.

I’m not so sure I believe in coincidences.

Like my Presto Tour review, this one recalls more memories of that time in my life rather than reliving the concert and a breakdown of the show. Sadly, your younger brain, mine anyway, fails to absorb early events in life, even ones that make a lasting impression. But if…

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Author: Whipped Owl

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One thought on “Concert Review: Rush – Roll the Bones Tour Dec. 9, 1991”

  1. I won tickets off a old radio station Q102 classic rock for for the roll the bones tour I played 3 games playing 9 ball won the tournament got the tour autographed Book and back stage passes it was awesome 👌 👏 👍


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