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Bad Driving Tip #5

Welcome to my personal rant that gets me fired up traveling to and from work, and really, anywhere in between.  I struggle with other people sharing my roadways.  Thanks Dad!  In an effort to not take part in a road rage incident, I’ve decided to express my frustrations in a healthier manner.  Right here.  For you.

Person A:  You won’t be happy until you are the only person driving out there.

Me:  How do we make that happen?

Offense:  Waiting too long to go when the car in front of you at a red light turned green drives away

Tip:  Go a split second after they go

This one drives me insane!  I’ll be the fifth car in line at a red light.  The light turns green.  The first driver goes.  The second driver waits what seems to be a half an hour to go themselves.  Why?  JUST GO ALREADY!  But nope, the third driver does the same.  The fourth driver repeats the offense and then runs the yellow light to get through.  I’m now left at a red light.  Seething. 

Author: Whipped Owl

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