Week 1 Recap:

I entered the 2021 deer season with high expectations.  Although work and a late changeover to autumn conditions prevented me from scouting as thoroughly as I would have liked, I felt I was set up in a nice spot for opening day.  An active scrape line emerged from the left of my stand, before rounding the corner to right out in front of me, almost completely circling my position.  After a full week of hunting, however, I simply must ask, “What the hell do I know?”

I have yet to see a deer.  A single deer.  I hunted seven out of nine days since opening day.  I take the first week off from work specifically to deer hunt.  While some foul weather did throw a wrench into things a couple of days, I am shocked beyond belief that I haven’t seen one lousy doe moseying by.

But there is still good news and encouraging news.  I’m not out of the game yet.  Frustration and perhaps a lack of patience sent me exploring and I have found things.  Deer sign.  Lots of it.  And buck sign at that.  It’s in an area where nobody else is hunting, as well.  Rubs that I have found make me think there are three different bucks in the area.

I found out on big thing, however.  One that is a synopsis of my season thus far, although one I will use to fuel my fire.  You see, last Thursday, I set up a couple of cameras in this new location.  After taking Friday off to recuperate, I went on Saturday to check my cameras and to sit in my new stand.  As I had my son with me, he who is not keen on getting up in the middle of the night to hunt, I got to my cameras a little after 8 AM.  Pulling out the SD card, I discovered that at 6:51 AM, in perfect daylight, stood this…….

My trail camera in perfect shooting light on November 20

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