NBA Predictions 2021-2022

The NBA season gets underway this week. I remember being addicted to the league in my youth, back in the days of the Bird-Magic rivalry and the emergence of Michael Jordan. I guess I’m dating myself here! I had lost interest in the league until my son became old enough to watch. He’s hooked on it, and thus, so am I!

Here are my predictions for the upcoming season. Disclaimer: I am a Celtics fan and hate the Brooklyn Nets!

NBA Predictions 2021-2022:

Eastern Conference:

Atlantic Division:

Brooklyn Nets

Boston Celtics

Philadelphia 76ers

New York Knicks

Toronto Raptors

Overview:  The Nets are clearly the class of this division, as well as the conference.  However, they come with plenty of question marks.  Can the oft-injured Big Three stay relatively healthy?  Can Harden continue to be a primary playmaker for an entire season?  Can Irving not be such an idiot?  As of this writing, Irving’s status for home games is up in the air due to his refusal to get vaccinated and New York’s law against being unvaccinated and in large crowds.

Central Division:

Milwaukee Bucks

Chicago Bulls

Indiana Pacers

Detroit Pistons

Cleveland Cavaliers

Overview:  The Bucks are in the position of being the defending champion without the expectations normally reserved the current title holder.  Everyone is talking about the Lakers, Nets, and Warriors.  Milwaukee will gladly slip under the radar again.

Southeast Division:

Atlanta Hawks

Miami Heat

Charlotte Hornets

Washington Wizards

Orlando Magic

Overview:  The Hawks made a surprising run to the conference finals last spring.  With their young core maturing another year, expectations are high in Atlanta.

Western Conference:

Northwest Division:

Utah Jazz

Denver Nuggets

Portland Trail Blazers

Minnesota Timberwolves

Oklahoma City Thunder

Overview:  The Jazz finished the regular season with the league’s best record.  Unfortunately, they always seem to falter in the playoffs, leading some to wonder if they are built to win in the second season.  Meanwhile, the Nuggets hope to tread water while they wait for star Jamal Murray to recover from a torn ACL.

Southwest Division:

Dallas Mavericks

Memphis Grizzlies

New Orleans Pelicans

San Antonio Spurs

Houston Rockets

Overview:  Perhaps the weakest division in the NBA.  The Mavs look like the team to beat here.

Pacific Division:

LA Lakers

Golden State Warriors

Phoenix Suns

LA Clippers

Sacramento Kings

Overview:  We finish with the best division in the league.  And the Pacific is loaded.  Last year’s Western Conference champs are projected to finish third in their own division.  The Lakers, with the addition of Russell Westbrook, appear primed for a deep run, however, we must always keep an eye on age and injury status regarding LeBron James and Anthony Davis.  Meanwhile, the Warriors get Klay Thompson back to pair with Steph Curry.  This should be a fun division.

Playoffs Eastern Conference:

First Round:

Brooklyn over New York 4-1

Milwaukee over Philadelphia 4-2

Atlanta over Miami 4-3

Boston over Chicago 4-3

Second Round:

Brooklyn over Boston 4-1

Milwaukee over Atlanta 4-2

Conference Final:

Milwaukee over Brooklyn 4-2

Some type of injury/absence among the Big Three of Irving, Durant, or Harden will derail the Nets once again.  James Harden does not make it to The Finals this season.

Playoffs Western Conference:

First Round:

LA Lakers over LA Clippers 4-1

Utah over Portland 4-2

Denver over Dallas 4-2

Golden State over Phoenix 4-3

Second Round:

LA Lakers over Golden State 4-3

Denver over Utah 4-2

Conference Final:

LA Lakers over Denver 4-1

Jamal Murray may return in time for the postseason and help the Nuggets to a couple of upsets in the first two rounds, however, the trio of LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Anthony Davis gets healthy in time for the playoffs and reaches The Finals.

NBA Final:

LA Lakers over Milwaukee 4-1

Lakers roll to another title.  It will be LeBron’s fifth.

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