Model 19

You entertained just the weekend before

Carried on like nothing was going on

But you knew what was coming

Got into bed that Wednesday night

She by your side

You kissed her forehead

Said goodnight

You knew what was coming

Somehow fell asleep

What were your dreams like?

Awoke on Thursday

Put on your suit and tie

Kissed her on the way out the door

Said, “I love you”

A little more feeling this time than normal

She didn’t notice

Rode with Junior into the office that day

Talked about mundane things

Like the snowstorm that was raging

Nothing to signal what was coming

You knew what was coming

Walked up the steps and into the building

Briefcase, manila envelopes

Must be lots of paperwork

You knew what was in one of them

Locked away in your office for a couple of hours

What were you doing?

What were you thinking about?


Headed to the main room

Walked up to the podium

Delivered your presentation

Cryptically alluded to what was coming

No one was the wiser

You were

Took out the envelopes

Passed out the pertinent papers

To do’s and instructions

Seems normal

It was not and you knew it

Last envelope

Opened it up

Now everyone knew

Author: Whipped Owl

Writer Musician Historian Sportsman Loner

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