Nose in our Phones

Nose in our phones

Oh, what would we do without our phones?

Nose in them when we drive

When we walk

Glued to them when we sit and exhale

Some when we should be working

At sporting events….”Wait, what happened? I wasn’t watching!”

At concerts; we actually watch the concert we are physically at through our phone as we record it????

During class, on the bench

At weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs

Nose in our phones at dinner with our spouses

While running with the bulls

With a man-eating grizzly bear behind us at 30 yards

Why are you texting now? Are you talking someone down from a ledge? Or can the, “Yo, sup,” message wait for a more appropriate time?

While waiting for the bus, the subway, a cab

As our first born is being delivered

During meetings, conferences, seminars, trainings

“I may not have a clue what was discussed, but, hey, the picture I posted of the stir fry I made got 88 Likes!”

In the middle of the grocery store

On stage while trying to play a guitar one-handed!

Chasing fictitious pocket monsters into traffic and off a cliff; this really happened

Dodging waves in the ocean

Mountain biking shortly before being airlifted off the mountain

During HIIT workouts

While giving the commencement speech at a college graduation

“Excuse me. Let me turn that off.”

Our noses were much more likeable and outgoing in the old days, before the cell phone made them dismissive recluses

Author: Whipped Owl

Writer Musician Historian Sportsman Loner

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