Break the Cycle

The young boy has seen this all before. Dad’s been drinking again. He’s not Dad when this happens. Mom takes the brunt of it. It’s too much for the young boy to bear. He scrambles to his safe place. Unfortunately, his ears can ably tell him what his eyes can’t see.

When it’s all over, and the sound of screeching tires fades in the distance, Mom finds the young boy and comforts him. The young boy tells her he hates his father for what he did to her. Mom snuggles him and tells him that although what Dad did was very wrong, he is not completely at fault. He is just not able to break the cycle.

Dad has expertly followed the script he had been privy to when he himself was the young boy. His mom would protect her little angel at all costs, even to her detriment. She would cuddle him and tell him that his dad could be a good man, but he certainly was not perfect. You see, he had seen the horrific things his father would do to his mother when he was a young boy. As he got older, he leaned on vodka to mask his pain. He was not able to break the cycle.

The young boy apparently has the curse of this vicious script laid right in his lap throughout his childhood. Except this time, the curse has become a gift. You see, this young boy possesses the fortitude and character to learn from generations of familial traps and pitfalls. He has the intelligence and the will to be different. As he grows into a young man, instead of submitting to the bottle, his device for when life becomes challenging is mountain biking and photography.

The young man falls in love with and marries a beautiful young lady who is of wonderful character. They have three amazing children who live their childhoods under the fine example set by their parents. The young boy turned successful young man has done something truly remarkable. He has broken the cycle.

Author: Whipped Owl

Writer Musician Historian Sportsman Loner

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