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Saturday Night in the Valley

Another scorcher in the valley tonight; That’s never up for discussion

48 miles round trip for ale and a bag of ice; It’s all I’ll need

A rusted lawn chair in the sand serves as my patio tonight; Set up in the shadows of a ‘66 Shasta

Ol’ Harv faithfully lies by my feet

Static competes with George Jones on the transistor radio; Cacti aplenty to choose as my dancing girl, but not until the ale starts to take effect; Ouch! She’s a bit prickly this evening!

The night’s headliners are the ‘yotes way off in the valley; One is slightly off key but that’s okay, everyone has an off night; They perform a few numbers before a lengthy intermission; No worries, as most of their tunes start to sound the same

Good thing I have Hank Sr. to take the rest of the evening away

Author: Whipped Owl

Writer Musician Historian Sportsman Loner

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